Sunday, August 14, 2011

Four Best Friends

Here is Miss Josephine with her three best friends from school - Lucia, Mia & Hazel. Today we got the girls together at Essencha Tea House for a fancy tea party. The girls are just so sweet together and it is unbelievable how much they have all grown and changed since they all met this time last year. Their moms are also super fabulous too. (Bonus!) Crazy that school is starting already, but it is infintely easier this year than it was last August when we didn't know how well this whole full-time preschool thing would go. I love these little girls and their families. And the fact that she is growing up alongside such little sweeties makes that whole "she is growing up" thing so much easier.
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1 comment:

FourAustins said...

Love LOVE LOVE this picture. SO adorable, so sweet, so special!

And warms my heart knowing Lyla is heading down a similar path!!!!