Sunday, August 28, 2011

Turning Four: Our Little Girl

So there was the party, the big surprise, and the presents. It was all fantastic! And in the end we are left with our little girl. Our beautiful, wonderful, amazing little girl.

Each year since her first birthday Josie has donned this birthday crown. Each year we are amazed at how much we have to let out the velcro so it will fit her a year later.  Our sweet, incredible four-year-old Josephine Marie.

Sweet Josie - every day you amaze us with your kind heart. You are so unbelievably empathetic and although that big heart of yours will undoubtedly cause you trouble as you face the world, it is such a joy to watch that huge open heart of yours loving anything and everything you experience!

So many people who have the pleasure of knowing you comment on your infectious smile. If we had a dollar for the number of times we've been asked if you are always this happy...

 The people who know you best, know that you are truly fearless.  You may be scared of the things that go bump in the night, but you daydream about hand-gliding, zip-lining, flying in rockets and swimming with sharks.

Your imagination and your curiosity are probably the reason you've never been such a fan of sleep. That little mind of yours just never shuts off. You are always wondering, wondering, wondering. And while this wonder sometimes leads to worry, you mind is always put to ease by hearing the real explanation (even if we think it's too hard to explain).

Never stop asking those questions! Even the big ones that are really hard (in fact impossible) for us to answer.  Never let anyone silence you. And if someone isn't listening, find someone who will.

You are growing into such a big girl. And there are definitely moments when we miss the little version of yourself that you used to be. While we certainly don't want to stop you from your own evolution, there are times we would give just about anything to freeze time and keep you this little forever.

But, the more we give into to nature and just let you grow into yourself, the more we realize that you are simply an amazing little person - with your own unique style - head to toe - inside and out.

And even on your bravest, most 'big girl' days, you surprise us by wanting to spend a little extra time cuddling or (as has been the case recently) still asking if you can sleep on my chest like you did way back when we measured your age in days instead of in years.

And I see your sweet little face and look into those huge blue eyes, and I can see all the moments of the last four years flash before me.

And I wonder how the face around those eyes will change over the years. And I wonder how the rest of you will change too. And the thought of that breaks my heart and melts it at the same time. 

So in the meantime we will just continue to soak up every ounce of you and your perfect four-year-old self. The little girl who always has a new trick to show us, a new word to show-off, a new song to sing and a new story to tell.  The little one who tells us things are "complicated" instead of "hard" and wants to turn everything into a race or contest.

The little girl who doesn't just tell us she loves us all, but shows us that love every single day. From the time you wake up and insist on all cuddling in one big bed to the final cuddles at night as you drift off to sleep.

We are SO lucky to be your family! 

And as a sidenote, you aren't just a wonderful daughter but you are certainly the best sister that little Roly could ever have hoped for. We're convinced that you are the reason she's here! That sweet little soul just couldn't pass up a chance to be your little sister. Thank you for sharing so much of the amazing little girl you are with her.

 She adores you!

And so do we!  


Melissa said...

What a sweet tribute to Josie! Lovely to read your precious thoughts on a precious little girl! Congrats on being a great mommy Carri. Josie and Bea are lucky to have you and Lou also!!

FourAustins said...

Well there goes my last blog comment regarding my favorite blog post (Kings Island). This is my new favorite and really if you top this one...I just don't know what I am going to do. I adore this post. Everything....EVERYTHING about it! Dang those 2 little girls are so lucky to have such a thoughtful well articulated mama. I wish, I dream I could put things into words like you do. It's amazing to think that Josie and Bea will have post such as this one to read one day. XOXOXXO!!!

Brent said...

I love this. So sweet and very well written. She will cherish these words her whole life.

Anonymous said...

beautifully written, and both Josie and Roly are very lucky to have you and Lou as parents. Love the photos. Lauire