Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Pokeweed Story

Our focus this spring and summer was almost entirely on the back yard, so the front yard and side yard have gotten a little, shall we say, wild!  We have all kinds of crazy things growing. Some of the biggest most prominent plants are those pictured above. And here's how "the pokeweed story" goes...  

Lou: "Hey Carri, what is this?"
Carri: "I don't know. It's kinda pretty."
Lou: "Is it a weed? I like it."
Josie: "Oh...that's just pokeweed!"
Lou & I:  {silence...because we were speechless.}

A little backstory - Josie has an alphabet hanging in her bedroom with a plant for each letter of the alphabet. Even as we speak, if you asked me to name more than a handful of the 26 plants on those cards, I couldn't do it - let alone identify the plants in the wild! Once again, Josie's memory blew our minds!

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