Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick Quote

In the car the other day Josie was asking us questions about dreams and nightmares. We have always tried to really break things down for her and get her talking when something is bothering her. And we always try to get to the feelings behind whatever is going on. She told us about a great dream she had with butterflies, ladybugs, princesses, candy and a whole bunch of other glittery, girly goodness. Then she told us about nightmares with monsters with big eyes and trees that come alive. It was all very sweet and serious business but then she said something that absolutely cracked us up. 

Lou: "What else did you see in your bad dream?"
Josie: "A building that had feet and got up and walked around. And then the whole city got feet and got up and walked around and stepped on me."
Lou: "And how did you feel when you had that happened in your dream?"
Josie: "FLAT...and squished!"

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