Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bluegrass for Babies

Cincinnati has been impressing us lately. Certainly there are other decidedly more-hip cities that spring to mind, but Cincy has been holding it's own lately. I posted a quick bit about the Bluegrass for Babies concert last weekend, and I finally had a chance to update the blog with something more than my cellphone pictures. Bluegrass for Babies - equal parts fundraiser for Children's Hospital, great live bluegrass music, loads of families, kids-activities, yummy (healthy!) food and sunshine. Really, what better way is there to spend a fall evening? As added bonuses - they had a ton of hula hoops just lying around & Josie found her bestie Lucia within five minutes of arriving. Good times. Great memories.

Here's a scan of the scene:

And some snaps of all the fun:

And...they played "Wagon Wheel" (which may or may not have been the result of a certain mom putting in a special request on a certain facebook page):


katie f said...

OH MY GOD, could she have been rockin' a cuter outfit??!!!! i loove that dress... and miss pretty bea looks so big in the pics. wish that event occurred every single weekend :).

K.T.F. said...

So bummed we missed that event! keith and I had a date night where we saw a really depressing
movie:( cute pics.