Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Bea is ONE!

Here she stands at one year old - Little Baby Bea, our sweet sweet girl.  Such a long journey it was to get to Four Schneiders. And every day, we look at this darling little face, amazed and grateful. 

Happy Birthday Baby Bea! 

In honor of her first trip around the sun, check out her amazing birth story:


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Bea! I'm still in disbelief that a whole year has gone by so quickly! Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many, many more trips around the sun. Looking forward to your celebration!

Cindy Davidson

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetie Bea! Cannot believe it's been a year already. You are SO loved.

xx Catherine, Brandon, Ronan, Isla and Baby S Runyan

Megan Germano said...

Happy Birthday Baby Bea! We have absolutely enjoyed growing one year old with you! One may never truly understand what it means to be a mother of a baby that was never suppose to be. It is a miracle to behold! Love and Happiness, Team Germano

FourAustins said...

Happy birthday sweet Baby Bea. Baby Bea, Baby Bea, Baby Bea...I hope the day never arrives that you will bore of being called Baby Bea. You will forever be my Baby Bea...sweet sweet sweet Baby Bea. I can't wait to give you a big ole' birthday smooch this weekend.
I love you very very much!
Tia and on behalf of Tio, Lyla bird and Jackie

Nick and Kelly Robbe said...

Happy Birthday Bea! You are truly one of a kind and so loved by all. Your sweetness and determination to just "be" from the very start makes your name perfect. Josie is so lucky to have you as a sister. Everyone loves you so much and is so excited to celebrate your first year here on this earth! Love, Kelly, Nick and Teddy Robbe

Melissa said...

Sweet Bea, you are darling! Happy birthday to a very special little lady!!

smoothdave said...

Happy birthday beautiful Bea! You fill your family's life with joy.

Much love to you! Molly, Dave and Jane