Monday, March 5, 2012


Two little videos of the girls.

First up -  Playtime inside the big Amazon box that delivered our shipment of toilet paper, paper towels, diapers & wipes. Don't miss Josie's awesome question "We're twins, right?"

(We could also call this "The Origin of Bea's Claustrophobia")

This second video highlights Josie's latest dual-obsession. Equal parts obsession with The Wizard of Oz and The Fresh Beat Band. Soooo - when the FBB did "The Wizard of Song" - she just about had a four year old heart attack. I found the perfect "Dorothy Dress" and, no joke, she has had it on every day for a over a week!   I caught her here trying to learn the dance moves - in this case skipping around the yellow brick road.   The paper strewn out across the floor is the "cyclone" she made.  I tried SO hard not to crack up, but you will see I failed miserably. In just two days we are going to see the Fresh Beat Band LIVE.  And I must say, we really are all very excited!

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