Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Bea's first words

This morning, just before 6am, sweet Baby Beatrice uttered her first 'real' non-family member words.

Let me set the stage for you.

Bea woke up crying last night with a fever about 1:00am.  We kept her between us in our bed. Just about the time that Bea's medicine kicked in and we all drifted off to sleep about 2:00, Josie woke up from a bad dream and insisted on sleeping with me.  Lou put Josie in bed with me and took Bea back into the girls' bedroom. Sick Bea wouldn't go back into her crib so Lou had to hang with her until Josie was asleep enough that I could sneak out of my bed and return to Bea in the girls' room. That happened at about 2:30. Lou came in and tagged out and I took Bea and he crawled in our bed with Josie.  I took Bea back into their room and had to lay down with her in Josie's bed to get her back to sleep. At about 3:00 everyone was sleeping...finally!

Then, just before 6:00am, sweet Bea woke up coughing and threw up on me - obviously waking me up. I yelled for Lou, who brought a towel and a clean t-shirt for me to put on.

The shirt was this one:


Bea, delirious with fever since the 1:00 meds had worn off, takes a break from her big sick tears, points at the shirt and clear as day and goes, "Dog, Woof. Dog, Woof" and then goes right back to crying.

And that is the story of Bea's first words.


rory said...

adorable. except for the vomit part. that was still gross.

Nick and Kelly Robbe said...

Perfect! An animal recognition and its sound. BTW, that's two words momma! Go BEA!!!!