Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bea's Big Birthday Celebration


Yea, even though we are a month out almost, Bea's first birthday is still pretty fresh in our minds. Here are some photos from her big bee-themed first birthday celebration that we had at our house on March 10th. Thanks to all the super special people who joined us to the celebrate the miracle that is Baby Bea, the wonder that is Josie as a big sister and the joy & gratitude we have to be a family of four!

Some sights from the big event:
An exercise in elapsed time

Last year's harvested sunflower seeds make great party favors
Hand Foot Mouth virus - not so much (Oopsies!)

I heart etsy.

A ***SURPRISE*** cake from our friend Teresa
(aka one of the kindest, most generous people we know)!!!

About 20 pounds worth of cake from Whole Foods

Some pre-party and early-party scenes:

Lyla & Josie fill the sunflower seed pouches

Make your own picture frame craft table:

Lots of friends:

Josie's bee dress :)
Look at that intensity! :)
A Fairy Tour courtesy of Cousin Morgan


Bonus Footage from post-party:

DD & Girls (next time Grandma, hop on in!)

Lou & Bea, aka evidence Lou was there :)

Bea & me - see I was there too :)
Look - Bea and Josie are in a picture together 

A photo of all four grandkids

Bedtime after a Busy Day!

Thanks to Tia for helping with the photos! XO! Next year, I swear I am going to get all the family photos out of the way first.  At least there's some evidence that most of us were actually there. :)

I hope you enjoyed your first circle around the sun just as much as we did!

Sidebar: Here is the link to the shop where I got the decorations, Josie's dress and Bea's onesie
Isn't Etsy the BEST?!

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Carla said...

Bea is super cute - Loved your party!! Thank you so much for including me!! Cheers!!