Thursday, April 26, 2012

March Madness

Yep, I'm about to take it back a whole MONTH before April turns into May and I officially fall two-months behind. So, let's call this the official catch-up post. March was so beyond-crazy crazy that even at the end of April, we are still recovering.

Here are the big highlights:

The weather in March was bananas. As all ya'll know, we had July-like temps which yielded lots of pretending it was summertime when it was still technically winter. This meant earlier than usual time in the yard, trips to parks, planting & gardening, running through the hose and so forth. Here are some photos from spring outside and around our neighborhood. The water table that Bea got for her first birthday from Grandma & DD has been a huge hit for the whole family. It's the official hub of the backyard these days, and we simply can't keep Bea out of it!  The girls are able to play together too, which is really great. Big smiles all around!

A little moment captured -

A trip one afternoon afterschool to Owl's Nest Park -

Our Hawthorne tree that we adore in full bloom (such fleeting beauty, also in the blog header btw) -

Never too big for the little swing -

Time for planting (already - yay!) -

Oh my sweet, sweet, sweet girls:

As I dropped in a previous post, we put our house on the market. That meant that we spent lots of weekends and late nights doing tons of little home projects (and a few BIG home projects) to get it ready for listing. BIG thanks to DD & Grandma who spent the better part of a month at our house every weekend.  Grandma supplied the puzzles. DD supplied the mad plastering skillz.  We also had lots of help from Josie, who of course insisted on getting her hands dirty (literally and figuratively).  Of course there are still dozens of things we "could" do to continue to improve the house, but that doesn't make much sense at the current juncture.

Josie insisted on helping me paint the hallway. She went and put on paint clothes for the job - look closely - she came out in the exact same outfit - down to the same color pants, t-shirt and grey tank-top undershirt. How adorable is she?! (Sidebar: we will forever be grateful to her montessori education for instilling her that 'work' is fun!)

And, finally, a few other random snaps from March that just had to be shared.  One quick glance at Wonder Woman in grandma's magazine and five minutes later "Wonder Josie" was born!

Little Goo is also increasingly involved in playing dress-up these days and Josie still spends a large percentage of her time in costume -

Does Bea not look like total royalty, here? :)

Speaking of royalty, just had to share this photo of Venus because it captures her true essence like no photo before it or after it ever will.

So, with that - I am officially caught up on March photos.  And most of the way through April. Bring it on May, Bring it on!  (Oh poo....still haven't posted from the Fresh Beat Band concert! Stay tuned...)

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Nick and Kelly Robbe said...

Love the pics of the girls. The pic of Venus is almost too purrfect. Those eyes are haunting, inviting and threatening all at the same time. How does she do it? :)