Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Butterfly Show Time Ya'll

Hey everyone, who doesn't love the annual Butterfly Show at Krohn?! Seriously, it's one of our favorite Cincinnati traditions.  You know the drill - here are the photos. Enjoy!

(Not quite as spectacular as last year, I confess but the butterflies were a little less cooperative  and a little less technicolor this year.)

Before heading in, we did a community art project. The idea was to color your own butterfly to add it to the giant wall of butterflies. Bea had a better idea, and just pulled other people's butterflies off and stuck them back on. Whatever works Darlin'!

Here is Josie adding hers to the wall: 

We had to recreate the shot from last year of the butterfly on Bea's head. But, the only way to do that was to make sure she had no idea it was on her. Lou brilliantly got the butterfly to land on her hairclip and then clipped it into her hair. 

Josie was very patient, but it took the butterflies awhile to cooperate. Finally, another mom shared that bubble gum attracts them and boy was she right! Josie kept sticking her finger on her gum and the butterflies would come right to her. 

Here she is giving one of the first butterflies that visited her a big kiss. (I love this picture of her! It is just "So Josie.")

Can you not just hear the giggle?!

Apparently butterfly legs tickle!

Bea tried and tried to hold (errr, smash) a butterfly. This is as close as she got. Finally she found a water fountain to play in and the butterflies became way less interesting.

Our sweet girl was so worn out, she was literally doing the sign-language for "bed."

Family photo (thanks Mariah!):

A little trip through the rainforest before heading home (I love how the girls walk hand-in-hand):

(We heart Mariah & love when she joins us for adventures.)

However fleeting, they did sit on the butterfly chair together:

More water! Yay!

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Back to the car we go (Sometimes I walk and look ahead at scenes like this and I think to myself, "Man I have it good! So much to be grateful for!"):

So, another great trip to the Krohn Conservatory on the books. Next year, Bea is SO holding a butterfly! (And we are bringing loads of bubble gum!)

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FourAustins said...

Oh my...those would change Lyla's life...a buttefly has yet to land on her. She would most definitely pee her pants with excitement!!