Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing in Washington

One of our top summer highlights was our trip to Washington State.  It started with a new job based there and the opportunity to go meet everyone I had been working with online up to that point. It ended with a plan to take a couple of extra days to see our dear sweet Carrie Schmitt and her incredible family. (You'll remember Carrie aka Schmittee goes back to those early  Above Bagel & Deli days at Miami and is such a treasured friend. She has been there through some of the biggest days of our lives - including those early early days of our relationship and Josie's birth.)

Here are some of the gazillion photos we took there. It is such a beautiful place and I still can't believe just how huge the trees are. We will definitely be back for work and for play!

We were welcomed with surprises and instantly felt at home.

We played at the coolest playground in these giant trees, on this lovely lake.

Oh sweet Nora, you couldn't have been a better friend and hostess!

Josie was very excited to be on a dock and dubbed this her "dock dance."

When we weren't having fun out and about, we were having fun at the Harrison Home - which has this amazing frog pond and the most beautiful water lilies in bloom!

Then we adventured.

Bigger than Niagara, just not as wide. So pretty.

Bea was *so* not interested in a sister photo. Obviously.

And we hiked. Down super green trails that we hear actually weren't green at all compared to the rainy season.

And we wore ourselves out.

Then we headed to the beach. And we saw Puget Sound. And it was misty and cool and we were very happy to wear sweatshirts (leaving 100+ temps back in Cincy).

It was sweet baby Bea's first time seeing the sea!

And we posed. So many memories with this girl. Just knew I'd make it to Seattle one day! :)

We collected treasures.

And dipped tiny toes in the cold waves.

And found a little love in the sand.

And visited a troll under the bridge after lunch in Fremont.

Super sweet Skylar got roped into being a part of this walking tour, live theater adventure. :)

And we saw the Space Needle.

Then we went up high to this super cool playground and slide and had the best pizza and ice cream.
Here is Sweet (and very talented baseball player) Blane.

Josie and Nora became the best of friends. They slept together. Ate together. Told each other stories. And Josie even wore little Nora's clothes all weekend long.

It was the most absolutely perfect few days with our friends - who opened up their home (and refrigerator) to us.  We are so unbelievably grateful!!! XOXO!

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Carrie Schmitt said...

This is so sweet! We miss you guys! Your visit was the highlight of our summer! Thank you for all the kindness during your visit and on the blog. We all love you! Tell Lou sorry that my car was broken down and we couldn't go anywhere! Next time, we whale watch and explore Mt. Rainier--I promise! Love you all, Schmittie