Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Summer Wedding in Indiana

This summer my Aunt Pat got married to the very sweet now-Uncle Max in Indiana - just outside of the town of Kokomo where my sister and I spent many-a-summer with our Nana (in all her biscuit-cooking, Eagles-dancing , jelly-making, piano-playing, just-a-swinging glory).  It was the first time that the whole Johnson side of the family has been together since we lost Nana when Josie was just an infant.    It was a beautiful wedding and really incredible for all of us to be together again for such a joyous occasion. In all, it was a reminder that our family tree and all of its branches are pretty far-reaching. And there's so much love there, even though we don't see each other nearly enough!  My sister took the photos (and my camera stayed in the car) so I'll just share this quick family photo that my cousin Evelyn sent over. I'm sure my sis will do a full post soon.

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