Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Happenings

October was a busy but festive month for our family. Halloween just spread right out across the whole month - which was of course fine with us.

The festivities began back at the beginning of the month with jack-o-lanterns at the Brazee School of Glass.

Josie of course wanted to be Dorothy this year, and since she already had the costume, I agreed to order her a wig to kick it up a notch.

We all had a blast with this wig! This was pretty much the most I laughed all month long.

We found a great Toto basket at the Salvation Army, and the Dorothy costume waited for Josie.

We carved giant pumpkins.

Josie hand-drew her own stencils for maximum spooky action!

 We finished the cinnamon pumpkin seeds we roasted.

 Then toasted and carmelized the next batch.

 Lou had his carving work cut out for him.

Reality Check time! (We learn there are candy bars out there without the peanut info in the allergy information. A reminder we have to be extra attentive to keep Josie safe!)

Trick or Treat Time! Bea was hysterical. She wanted to eat every piece as soon as they handed it to her.  Josie wanted to take hers all home and put it in one pile to see it altogether.

We left all the peanutty candy for the Halloween fairy (over half of Josie's basket which led to big tears).

 The fairy took all the candy to convert it into pixie dust to help the fairies fly another year.  And, in the candy's place, she left a really cool Wizard of Oz pop up book for Josie and some paint dots for Bea.

It was a super fun, super spooky season.

 And now for my favorite... the little gem captured as the girls were walking up to the house of one of our favorite houses in the neighborhood. It's this beautiful, magical home that looks straight out of a fairy tale. Dorothy and the Lion sure look like they belonged there.

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