Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas at Home

We signed up again this year for Santa's practice run with his reindeer on the night of December 23rd. That means we woke up on the morning of Christmas Eve to a tree full of presents at home.  There is just nothing better in the universe than being a parent and watching the little darlings trot down the stairs on Christmas morning - just seeing the hope in their eyes followed by the manic joy of unwrapping. Pure holiday magic (as I've said a zillion times this month at least).

Here are some of the highlights, starting first with the video of the Schneider girls descending down the stairs on our Christmas morning.

And now a look back and the whole shebang - starting with our "Night before Christmas."

"Dear Santa. Cookies for Santa. Carrot for Rudolph"

Bea eating Reindeer Food off the floor


Always an occasion to strike a ballet pose

Bea eating more glittery reindeer oats

Bea going after Rudolph's carrot

"Dear Santa Claus. I want a model air plane."

And now on to Christmas morning:
No more oats, cookies or milk. Just a note from Santa in its place.

I should add a little backstory here. This is Bea's stocking. With her name on it. I bought this set of four stockings hoping that one day there would be a fourth Schneider. Just this year I added Bea's name to it like the rest of the family has and that was just a really special moment all around! 

With as much rice as these kids eat, it is chopstick training time!

The giraffe was easily the biggest hit of the year! I bet there are lots of people out there grateful for Amazon's lightning deals this year and of course for Santa's elves!!

A new tree ID fandex for Louie from the girls...and an Oven Squirrel. Yea, I said Oven Squirrel.

Josie was more than willing to help Bea sort out gifts.

A new honey pot and tea cup for Mama!



Bea immediately must try on a new shirt!

If the giraffe was the #1 present, Rudolph with the light-up nose was easily #2!

And the galloping unicorns are #3:

The top three of 2012!


And that was just the first Christmas. Coming tomorrow...the recap of Christmas Part Deux in Xenia.

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Anonymous said...

How sweet. You have two beautiful children. I think they had a super Christmas. I loved the Christmas card, thanks. Laurie