Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas in Xenia

After our Christmas at home on the morning of Christmas Eve, we played with the toys (had a little power outage derail our plans) and then packed the car and headed to Xenia.  Do I say every year that it was the best year ever? If so, I'm sure I meant it in the previous years, but this year really really was the best.  Maybe because the babies were now old enough to enjoy it fully. Maybe because the way the holiday fell meant we had plenty of down time at home before and after the holiday away. Maybe because the surprise snow kicked up an already-awesome few days away into a snowy adventure. Maybe it was the Christmas magic Tia put together for some cookies & milk to set the tone on Christmas Eve. Maybe it was because Santa delivered some really really cool toys for everyone on the nice list this year.  Maybe it was Grandma keeping a house full of hungry bellies full to overflowing with home-cooked food at every meal.  Or just maybe it was a little bit of each, with candy cane sprinkles on top, that made for the perfect recipe of holly jolly Christmas in Xtown.  See for yourself...




Here's the video of Christmas morning in Xenia.  
(Disclaimer: This looks like an obscene amount of presents. But it's a little less obscene upon the realization that these are the presents for three families under one tree.)


And a few more from our time in Xenia from my phone:

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