Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Here's a story: ScissorGate 2013

This is how it all went down.

The Scene: A quiet Sunday morning. Lou & I were cleaning up breakfast in the kitchen while Josie & Bea were playing quietly in the den. 

Josie (yelling): "Moooom! Daaaad! Bea just cut her hair!!"

Me (running...praying....): "How bad is it?"

Lou (also on the scene): "Where is the hair?"

We immediately surveyed the damage. At first glance, it didn't look like much. It was obviously the bangs. They were pulled over to the side in a barrette.  Josie looked a little horrified. Bea looked a little confused. Lou & I were equal parts amused and frustrated (we left then alone for 3 minutes!) but definitely not surprised.   As we continued to survey the scene, things started to not quite add up.  There was the missing hair itself. There was the fact that it was cut perfectly, just under the barrette at an angle that would be nearly impossible for Bea to reach herself. And...there was the fact that Bea hasn't yet mastered how to use the scissors that appeared on the scene. Hmmm...

Lou (gently): "Josie, did Bea cut her own hair, or..."

Josie (interrupting & doing a total "clutching her pearls" move): "Well, I would NEVER...."

Me (gently): "Bea, did you cut your hair, or..."

Josie (equal parts terrified and ready to die laughing): "I did it!"

We all four cracked up at this point. It was downright funny for so many reasons - the fact that they tried to play it off, the fact that Lou had just said in the kitchen that they were being a little too quiet in there alone, the fact that we had totally jumped to the conclusion that Bea did it.  All told, it is funny. We had the obligatory chat about safety and telling the truth and we're trying to get used to Bea with bangs.   They still need serious professional help, but it could've definitely been MUCH worse.  We've had to lock up the scissors for awhile after we caught Bea trying to return the favor yesterday by going after one of Josie's ponytails! Can you imagine? (*pearl-clutch*)

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