Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quick Quotes: Bea-isms

Bea getting her slide on at Eden Park

Bea cracks us up with her little sayings (even the ones delivered with an evil grin).  Here's a list of some classic Bea-isms that I've been building. Enjoy!

"Hey Now!" 

 As in "Hey Now" don't touch that, or "Hey Now" that's mine, or "Hey Now" I was using that.

"So Funny."

Commonly delivered immediately after something super naughty that is so naughty it is funny but we shouldn't be laughing because that just encourages her. Translation: "I'm so funny."

"Where Daddy Be?"

This is one is generally used anytime she wants to know where something or someone is. "Where JoJo be?  Where airplane be?"


Yup, OK = Oh-Tay all day, day everyday around here.

"So Sorry."

We hear this one A LOT.  I'll give it to Bea. She can be naughty, but her little violations are always quickly followed by a "So Sorry" without being prompted.  Usually, the last two are combined. "Bea, please don't draw on the wall."  "Oh-Tay. So Sorry."

"Beep, Beep Coming Through"

...any time "excuse me" would typically be used.

"Bye, Bye, See you Later!"

...pretty much any and every time she is leaving a room.


For whatever reason, this became Bea's version of "Peek-a-boo" when she was teeny tiny, and it stuck. She's been known to jump out of hiding spaces, yelling BOO-YA-YA!


She picked this one up during one of her days with Grandma, and we hear it quite a bit!

"Foofa, Muno, Brobee, Toodee, Plex" (and any combination of the 5)

Bea loves all things YoGabbaGabba, even though she doesn't actually watch the show much. She loves her stuffed versions of these guys and just generally refers to them as "the friends." She always wants to know where they are "Where Big Foofa be?" and is known to just generally talk about them all day long in different contexts.  It's adorbs!


This is how Beatrice refers to herself. For a long time she referred to herself as "Baby" but that's starting to change (although still pops up time to time). The hilarious thing is that she thinks "Triss" is the end of everyone's name, so she refers to us as "JoJo-Triss, Mama-Triss, and Papa-Triss." How cute is that?


Bea's obsession with kefir continues. There is no doubt that she replaced breastmilk with kefir when she weaned back in the fall. She has kefir every night before bed and wants it first thing in the morning.    Unless you know her, you'd have no idea that "chectchy" = kefir.  Since she can't articulate the "k" sound well, she's called it "chechter" for a long time, but decided to personalize it a bit and start calling it "chetchy." And, yeah, it's true, we all call it "chetchy" now, too.

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William said...

Alanna has started to outgrow so many of these little sayings. My favorite has always been her mispronunciation of "yellow" as "lalow". Now I hear her pronouncing it right sometimes. It makes me a little sad.