Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spring Things

April was pretty wonderful around here. Settling into May, we still have the spring in our collective step from our four-part spring break roadtrip. The first spring on our quiet little lane in the city has been blissful. It's been such a fun process to watch the surrounding trees transform from pale, woody and full of promise to this techni-color green wonderland that is so bright after a rain that it's truly "verdant," defined.

Before we know it these spring rains will give way to the hazy days of summer. We have big summer dreams of long days at the pool, bonfires in the backyard, day camps, playdates, dinner on the porch, fireflies, sprinklers and annual camping trips.  

But, before we get too ahead of ourselves, here's a look at spring so far...

the sunrises
and sidewalk chalk masterpieces
greenhouse sprouts
and the way the sun shines through the swingset at just the right spot every evening
hand-me-down spring wardrobes
pedaling practice
picking grass
and pulling weeds
swim lessons
new neighborhood discoveries
wildflower bouquets
giant bubbles
bare legs
backyard hide-and-seek
returning wildlife
singing with the windows down
and spring things - blooming all around

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