Monday, April 28, 2014

Josie with an "e"

A few weeks ago, Josie went to a "Books & Bowling" party that we won at her school auction. She was really excited about all of it - her first time bowling! And with teachers and school friends! Part of the fun was also that the kids got to dress up like their favorite book characters. I was absolutely giddy when Josie chose Anne of Green Gables. It was one of my very favorite stories as a little girl and the two of us recently finished the first book and really enjoyed reading it together. "Anne with an e" remains one of my all-time favorite book characters. She's right up there with one Josephine March that gave Josie her name.

Here are a few photos from before the bowling party in the costume Josie put together (that made me want to drop in a goofy antique vignette) and same photos from the bowling party itself. What a fun afternoon this was!

Clashing of two time periods ;)

This is Josie's favorite photo from the day:

And this is mine:

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