Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bass Lake Bliss

When people you love invite you to enjoy a place their family has loved for generations, you pack up the car and spend Labor Day weekend soaking up every bit of that Lake Cottage Love your heart can hold.  Our weekend at Bass Lake in Indiana was perfect. The girls are still talking about catching minnows in the big net, going on a real sailboat ride, building sand castles, eating their weight in pistachios, jumping in the lake with all their clothes on, and watching the sunset over the water. We shared meals and laughs and more pierogis than any human should consume in three days.  And when I close my eyes and think of this summer, I'll always see those big paper lanterns floating over the lake on the last night of summer, with all of us together on the dock and the kids yelling out the colors and making wishes as they floated away.

To Friends! To Families! To Rummikub! To Bass Lake! 

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