Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Those Days, September

September means the beginning of our regularly-scheduled school year activities. It sounds a little crazier than it is in reality - swim team, piano, basketball and dance between the two of them. The big news here this year is that we dropped ballet. Josie is focusing on swim team more, and Beatrice has switched to Hip Hop lessons which she loves!!!! Here are September highlights -- including behind the scenes of a Playdoh video the girls made, International Peace Day Celebration at Bea's montessori school, a mama-day at the Cincinnati Zoo, a visit to Josie's STEM classroom, a final pool good-bye, morning walks to school with Bea, scenes from the playground at Josie's new school, neighborhood bike rides, a fishing trip with Grandma & DD and lots of fun in the September sun around the house. 

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