Monday, February 29, 2016

These Days, February

February was 39 circles around the sun for me and a celebration complete with two cakes and one giant pink and purple unicorn. We had a blast of winter and signs of an early spring. In typical Four Schneiders fashion, the girls spent a good chunk of their time in their typical uniform - a swimsuit for Josie and the costume du jour for Beatrice. Although, Beatrice wasn't the only one playing dress-up. Tiki Pup regularly found herself in the middle of some elaborate staging--and lots of cuddling.

A big moment this month came from Josie in this moment captured here -

This girl. Let me tell you. This girl begged to swim in the Regional Championships at age eight against ten year olds because she knew it was about beating personal bests and not about winning. So this mom had to send a late, pleading email to the coach who said of course and I should've listened the first time when he said she was ready. So all of us spend three days at a swim meet. With the most wonderful kids and families in the world. And we cheer for all our little ones who amaze us with their determination and commitment. And this girl swims her heart out. Goes for it like Olympic Gold is on the line. And shaves over 20 seconds off her 100m IM and several seconds off her 50s. And all the while she skips around with friends and giggles. And smiles. Nonstop. And we smile too. And get choked up and how quickly she's maturing before our eyes. Our hearts swell-to-bursting with pride. And she counts down the days until the next season begins. 💗🏊🏻🏆
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and this one - 

Now, on to the rest of February 2016 and all it's sweet, silly, Schneidery goodness. 

A couple more little videos from this month - 

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