Thursday, January 13, 2011

first ballet class... pink and pig-tails, thanks to the best dad a little girl could ever hope for.
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Anonymous said...

how awesome, I can't wait to see updates on this. Laurie.

Charissa Talsma said...

You are going to be getting some great entertainment--as well as expanding your ballet vocabulary! Violet started ballet this year as well, and Ben and I have had to do many searches for what exactly each 'term' meant (and trying to translate it from four-year-old speech). It's wonderful!

Nick and Kelly Robbe said...

I hope her first class went better than mine! They made us arch our backs like a cat and meow, then hang our bellies low like a cow and moo! Even as a toddler, I was not impressed...I wanted to be a ballerina- not a cow!!! Here's to lots of pink frilly girly times ahead!!