Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bedrest Report, 33 weeks & counting...

It's week three of strict bedrest (and thirteen weeks since the initial modified bedrest mandate). After another great doctor's appointment today, the preterm labor signs are slowing down and the bedrest is working.  Our first big goal of 34 weeks gestation is in our sights & we are all so excited!  While mandated bedrest might sound like winning the lottery to some of you, trust me - it stinks! It's painful, frustrating and oddly exhausting.  I'm not going to complain because, as I've said lots of times before, we are willing to do just about anything to become a family a four. But, suffice it to say that spending 23 hours a day horizontal is no picnic.  Luckily, I have the best husband and daughter on the planet and they've both been unbelievable through all of this. We've had lots of help from family, friends & neighbors and once again we are reminded of the importance of gratitude. 
I've been using all my extra time to get caught up with friends, spend (probably too much) money shopping online, organize lots of things on my computer (like thousands of pictures from the last four years), teach myself how to really use my camera, and of course create the new blog. In that sense, it hasn't been all bad. The funny thing is that when I do look back at pictures, they're all taken from the couch.  Funny stuff. Here are some shots of Josie practicing different faces for the camera.  I love this little girl!

 Lou captured some couch cuddle time - which is another perk of bedrest.

 And here are a couple moments courtesy of Josie that just make me smile. 
A nap for Daisy & Minnie

Hard at work with the stencils
Keep those good vibes coming my friends. They are working!  In other exciting news, we've kicked into full-time baby mode here at the Schneider Ranch.  All the baby gear has been unearthed from the basement and we've taken stock on what we still need; the crib, bedding, stroller & car seat have all been purchased; the plan for the girls' bedroom is moving from theory into action; the changing table & co-sleeper are set up in our bedroom and (in short) it's all happening!  And these are the things that I thought we'd never get to do again. And for each of these things, we are extremely grateful!


Anonymous said...

Oh Carri, I am so happy for all of you. I love these photos, and can't wait to meet Schneider number 4. Laurie

Anonymous said...

Your comments just made me smile that it is all coming together and that new granddaugther will be here before I know it..Love Mom