Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Girls' Bedroom

I know, I know... it took me MUCH longer to get these posted than I said it would. So, thanks for your patience.  :)
As I think I've mentioned, Josie & Roly are going to share a bedroom. This came about for a few different reasons: 1) We wanted to keep the playroom. 2) Josie really doesn't do anything besides sleep in her room anyway (when she actually sleeps in there & not in our bed but that's another story altogether). 3) Josie begged & begged for us to let them share a room. 4) It was much cheaper and easier than creating another nursery. 5) As soon as I found out that Land of Nod started selling crib-sized versions of Josie's garden bedding, the universe had practically made the decision for me.  

VOILA!  Here it is - the girls' bedroom!

This was the first arrangement (adding the crib to where the dresser used to be because Josie refused to move her bed):
Matching bedding! :)
 Finally...after some creative parenting (that involved using Josie's fear of the closet to our advantage and suggesting that she'd love sleeping under the windows so she could hear the birds better in the morning and could look out and see the sun shining from her bed)...we got the arrangement we wanted.  And we are all SOOO happy with it! 
The Crib, where the head of Josie's bed used to be
Josie's Bed in the window corner
The Baby's View from her crib
The Closet Solution (no more doors, lots more shelves)

And here are a few pics that I captured while trying to get the room pics over the course of a couple of days:

Josie - actually wanting to be in a crib - for the first time ever...
Posing in the crib...
The next day, Posing like Venus...
Trying out the new bedside lamp while simultaneously making a huge fashion statement...

And here is the playroom that necessitated the shared bedroom in the first place...

And last but not least, what would a blogpost be without a random shot from the week? This is Josie the morning of her school Valentine's Day party about ready to explode with excitement (after asking me to take her picture for Valentine's Day).
One final thought: I really do promise to make my best effort not to always lump our two little darlings into "the girls" category forever - knowing full well the importance of fostering the individual development of each of them (I'm a little obsessed with reading and learning more on this topic at the moment) - BUT - I sure am having fun with it at the moment. :)


Anonymous said...

Super cute room! Love it! I really love the closets! Sooooo wish we had that kind of space! Our little ladies have their own rooms, but this is a cute option if we ever need it. I have two very individual, very different, very special little girls. Trust me, calling them 'your girls' or 'our girls' sometimes, doesn't stiffle those precious spirits, but celebrates the joy that they are as a family. Together they are the best of friends and for that sometimes calling them my 'girls' only solidifies their precious bond. Enjoy them for who they are apart and for who they are together, your 'girls'.

Catherine said...

Love it! Beautiful room! If we have a baby three, I'm thinking we'll put Ronan and Isla together to keep the playroom, too. It's just too important! Lol

FourAustins said...

Ok, I have to admit I am so darn confused and can't picture the room's a good thing I will see it real soon :) BUT all things said it looks fab!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the room, it is so cute. They will have alot of memories being in that room together. Her little face looks like excitement all over it, for that Valentine's party. Laurie