Saturday, February 19, 2011

It has been beautiful in Cincinnati and we still have a whole lotta neighborhood to explore. It has been a good combination - no school for Josie, no more bedrest for me and lots of unexpected February sunshine.
Yesterday we decided to try a new route for a bike ride and walk. It sounded good - in theory - until we realized a little too late that the street I thought we'd take back didn't have sidewalks - which left me holding Josie's hand on one side and carrying a tricycle with the other - and both of us heading another block away from home than we originally planned. And that's when Josie declared she was done. Uh-oh! It was too far to go back the way we came without a break. We kept going one more block to a little park where the plan was to have a snack and some water then head home. Yea - not happening. Josie looked at me and said: "We are never going to get home because I am not riding my book anymore. I am too tired." She wouldn't go another inch and I certainly couldn't carry her and a trike home in my 'big as a house' condition.
And that's when I sucked it up and made the "MAY DAY MAY DAY" call to Lou. I know he was ready to kill me but he came to rescue us anyway. (Thank goodness we only live a few miles from his office.) The funniest thing - Lou pulls up and Josie yells out "I am crying tears of joy!" I think she was a little freaked out that we were actually stuck. It was pretty hilarious but lesson learned. I won't be that ambitious again.
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Anonymous said...

Carri, I am glad Lou was able to come to the rescue. I can just hear Josie yelling that out, how cute. I like the picture of the two of you, waiting for help. Laurie