Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick Quote

Oh this child absolutely cracks us up!

Josie to Lou and I at bedtime last night: "We need to go to Target tomorrow. I'm gonna need some new toys. Venus (the cat) scratched mine all up. You should see all the holes in everything. She put holes and scratches in all my toys with her claws. Don't worry, Target has new ones." (Sidebar -Venus has never laid a single paw on one of her toys.) "We really need to go Old Navy too! I need all new clothes. All of my clothes shrank. You can check! They shrank all the way down to size Zero-T!! That's too small for me. But Old Navy has 5T so we can get all my new stuff there."

(With convincing arguments like these, she just might follow in her dad's legal career footsteps.)
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Catherine said...

Omg, hilarity! I love how they're beginning to learn manipulation.

Anonymous said...

Too cute, and I hope she got at least one new toy and 5T outfit. Laurie

FourAustins said...

And how did you respond :)

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Sue said...

See, she is a part of the solution and NOT the problem!!!! Thinking for is the is the solution. Now, CHOP CHOP Mom & Dad!!!!!