Friday, February 25, 2011

Tears, Fears & Focusing on Four

This is the look we've been seeing the most on sweet little Posie's face lately: total worry. The poor thing. Seriously, she's been a deep thinker since the day she was born. She always has big questions (just this week asking where all the dinosaurs went, how long she's going to be alive, where she was before she was in my tummy, etc) and she worries. A lot.  Sometimes it's about little things (like last night when she asked me if she really could turn into an apple from eating too many apples at snacktime at school) and sometimes it's about big things (like if she is still going to be able to cuddle me when Roly Poly is here).  All told, I really hate to label her but she's an emotional kid and that's just who she is.  It's the reason she's never been a good sleeper, but it's also the reason she's a beautiful, empathetic three-year-old who genuinely just wants everyone around her to be happy. Someday I have no doubt that it will be these exact traits that make her the amazing human being we are watching her continue to grow into.  But for now, always chewing on something, always with that worried little look in her eyes...we know she's processing big thoughts in that little mind.  And we know that she's afraid of the changes to come. And we know she can sense we're a little afraid to.  And so we let her into our bed a little sooner than we would've a few weeks ago. And so we take turns pulling her close to us at night. And so we sneak in every smooch we can get. And we love as much as it is possible to love anyone - just waiting for the moment soon to come when the three of us get to experience loving someone new just as much - together.


Anonymous said...

It is a big change but it's wonderful. At first she may have a few little problems, but I know she will love Roly Poly in no time! Eleanor had four adults attention constantly and completely for the better part of two years and now she is in love with "Baby Jonah." So I know Josie will too! Side note-I expected Jonah early too, was convinced he was coming early...and he was late, so I'm sympathizing with ya girl. Maybe it's nature's way of giving Josie a little extra time with with you two!

talsmask said...
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Charissa Talsma said...

I completely understand your thoughts--and Violet can empathize greatly with Josie. It will be amazing and she is going to love Roly Poly more than either of you can imagine. And the worry and the emotions will still be there--and they will include Roly Poly as well!

And love is one of those amazing things that you are never short of nor never run out of.

Enjoy the last little while with Josie--one of the biggest 'shocks' for me was just how big Violet became the day Miles was born. It was one of the best and saddest moments all at once--truly bittersweet.

Catherine said...

She is going to shine when her sister is here, you'll see. Don't be scared of the change to family dynamics, you'll be amazed at how the new baby fits into your lives seamlessly, like she was always there. Your love only gets bigger with each child, not divided.