Friday, May 27, 2011

Last {Sunny} Weekend

Last weekend we spent lots of time outside prepping for our new lives as "people with a yard" - we  attached the rain barrel to the house, got the compost bin started, built the raised garden bed, busted out the summer toys, talked over possible scenarios for the swingset, and daydreamed about the months of June, July and August as Four Schneiders. Beatrice spent lots of time in the Ergobaby Carrier and Josephine spent lots of time in the sunshine.  As usual, Lou spent lots of time working hard and I spent lots of time snapping photos.

In other news, my camera and I are finally hitting our stride.  All those words that used to perplex me - aperture, shutterspeed, ISO - finally clicked! I think this was the combination of knowing my "time off" was ending because I had to go back to work (and mastering my camera was on my time off to-do list) and a beautiful day outside with great lighting that made that "manual" setting a lot less terrifying.  If you haven't been over to Four Austins lately - get your buns there stat. My sister (who made a vow with me at Christmas to get this photography stuff figured out) took some stunning photos on their recent vacation. 

Here are some more pics on my phone from last sunny weekend. We are hoping for lots more this {sunny} weekend.


FourAustins said...

Awe thanks for the shout-out! Our vow is actually working - go Johnson sisters Go...clap clap clap!! So much more to learn but I think we are off to a good start :)

Catherine said...

Well done, Carri! You can really see the difference with the manual mode, no?! Once you go Manual, you can't go back!!! Love your yard! Mandy's pictures are gorgeous, too!

Anonymous said...

Carri, I love these photos, keep them coming. I think you are going to have a great weekend for some more photos. I did go to the Four Austins the other day, and couldn't leave a comment. Please let Amanda know I LOVE photos and post. I am telling you I can see some great scrapbook pages in the near future. Keep the photos coming girls, I love reading and watch your children grow. Laurie