Monday, August 22, 2011

The Toucan Story

Josie got this window cling for free at a local toystore. It was put together on cardboard but didnt include a picture of the finished product. A very eager Josie took it all apart and scattered the pieces across the counter. Lou and I had a little panic attack because we knew she would expect us to know how to recreate the toucan out of a sticky pile of random shapes. We had no idea. It was close to bedtime, so under his breath Lou told me just to help him stick it up there quickly, hoping she would be happy with however it turned out. We tried our best but had no clue what was what. She seemed content and, crisis averted, we started prepping for bed. A few minutes later we noticed her over by the window making adjustments and wouldn't you know that little lady had a perfect toucan in seconds. (Wow Josie, once again your memory has floored us!)
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