Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She's Crafty

This weekend we had a nice, slow weekend that couldn't have been more perfect. The hectic schedule of September and October has finally given way to the slower, calmer autumn that makes it my favorite time of year.

There was a host of creative impulses that needed fulfilled. We made yarn and felt wreaths, we baked homemade bread from scratch, we harvested the garden and hung herbs to dry and we made the coolest cornucopia ever (yep, it's possible).  We took a long, crisp early morning walk through the neighborhood and came home to find out it was only 9:30am (thank you time change). We drank red wine and went to bed early.  This was definitely a "life is unbelievably good" weekend for the four of us.

Here are a few photos from all that Schneider-family goodness.

I told you it was beautiful....

Here is Josie with her yarn wreath. Can't you just see the pride and joy? She really does have a good eye. She picked out her yarn, coordinated the felt and matched the butterflies. She wrapped as much of it as her little hands could handle. Then, she helped cut the felt and wrapped the flowers. She placed all of the flowers and butterflies herself into her own design. She's crafty!

Here's mama's wreath - although Josie and I worked on this one together as well. It's much bigger, so it took lots of wrapping. Still though, a super-easy craft project and we are really happy with the way it turned out. I am now just short of obsessed with making felt flowers so expect those to spring up here and there in the coming months.  (In case you're interested - here is the link to the tutorial we used.)

Here are some of our herbs drying in "Charlotte's" window. Our Thanksgiving will be even more tasty with homegrown sage.

As you can see, Baby Bea was also in on all the action. She's an absolute smiling, giggling riot.

(Our hands were too doughy for photos of the bread - but Mmmmm was it good. Lou is working on perfecting the recipe for the holidays. Anyone have a favorite bread recipe to share?)

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Melissa said...

So much fun! I will definitely be trying the yarn wreath. Eleanor is just getting into crafts and is really enjoying it!