Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas, Part One

Our Holiday really consisted of 12 days divided into three distinct parts.

Part One: Christmas at Home

Part Two: Christmas in Xenia

Part Three: Christmas *Break*

And here is Part One (and it already seems like ages ago).  Having our own unique holiday traditions is important to us, and as soon as Josie was old enough to know the difference, we started having one version of Christmas here at home and one version of Christmas in Xenia. We do the morning of Christmas Eve at our house, and since we signed up for Santa's annual reindeer & sleigh run-through program, he comes to our house on Christmas Eve-Eve.

Josie was SUPER excited, as she "got it" more this year than ever.  She had nothing short of a gazillion questions, and we tried to match her wit, play along but not go overboard all at the same time. (What a delicate dance!)  In the end, she was content to hang a sign in the window to let Santa know everyone was asleep and dream of sugarplums while Santa snuck down our chimney and delivered the goods.

Bea was curious about all of the action.

Josie got right to work with the unwrapping.

Josie couldn't wait to give Louie the present from all of us. Even Bea was excited to watch him unwrap it.

It is the rest of the Mr. Putty and Tabby books! Lou's favorite books to read to Josie. And now he has the full set! :)

Bea did some unwrapping (and some wrapping paper eating).

Santa surprised me with some shiny new rainboots that were very much needed (and appreciated)!

Josie and Bea played together as they unwrapped new toys.

Josie smiled...

...And smiled

...And smiled
 Venus joined us.

And Santa came through for Josie...
 ...with The Hugglepod...

...the one thing she picked out in a catalog months ago and didn't forget about once Christmas rolled around. You know, the present she told everyone that she wanted that Santa just couldn't ignore....

And Bea crawled around looking adorable.

And we spent the rest of our Christmas at home playing with toys, reading new books and spending "slow time" together.

And then we packed the car to head to Xenia for Christmas Part Two. (Stay tuned...)


Catherine said...

Super super cute!!!! And, Oh. Em. Gee. Another Schneider/Runyan crossover - Santa brought Ronan and Isla Huggle Pods this year as well!!!! How the heck do we hang it? I'm so paranoid about it ripping through the ceiling that they're still in the boxes.... I feel like I need to hire someone to do it - how lame is that. Please share secrets or post pics of your pod and how you hung it? xx Cat

Nick and Kelly Robbe said...

I cannot get enough of the girls playing together. It's just so sweet!!!