Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas, Part Three, Back Home

SO, back to our Three Part Christmas.

 To review - we had 12 days of Christmas broken into three 4-day parts. Part One - pre-Christmas and our "Four Schneiders" Christmas at home. Part Two - Christmas in Xenia and adventures with the whole Christmas crew. And now, I bring you Part Three - four whole days of blissful family time back home.

Those four days are the reason we have made it through this insanely-busy month that has been January so far.

Ahhhh.... family "slow time"...

Slowing down and just... spending... time.... together.
Extending simple moments that are typically rushed and lost in the normal day to day.
Wallowing in gratitude.
Rejuvenating everyone.

What an enormous gift to each of us it was to get several days of this:

Rotating between jammies and dress-up clothes:

Cheering on the littlest Schneider who discovered her inner Indy car over the holiday:

 Creating masterpieces:

Building fantasy lands:

Making music:

Working together:

For all these moments pictured in photos, there are several more that were not.  Simple, sweet moments captured and stored elsewhere but not on the camera or blog.

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