Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swinging, Montessori-Style

Josie learned how to swing all by herself - start to finish. Once she mastered this feat (and put us out of a job) she was very eager to show her teacher Kim. Josie attends a montessori school where independence is valued, and Josie knew her teacher would be proud.  Leave it to Josie to figure out that the best way to show Kim was to take a video and put it on the blog. Hysterical.

So, for Kim and for all of you, here's Josie swinging 'the montessori way' as she calls it.


Kim Pham Stegmaier said...

Oh my goodness! Truly the. sweetest. moment! Thank you Josie for sharing this accomplishment with me! You made my whole heart smile! Love, Kim

FourAustins said...

So sweet :) And ha just posted about Jack getting his big boy bed and referencing Montessori values as well!