Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Three Days of Summer's Start: Part Two


One of the biggest highlights of our long weekend was our Lemonade Stand.  Josie has been begging and begging (and begging!) to set one up for months on end. We really do live on the perfect corner for it, and we had a feeling neighbors would cooperate.  On Sunday we had the time to devote a few hours to creating the stand, perfecting our fresh-squeezed recipe and selling the goods. Priced at just 25 cents (now that's a bargain for fresh & organic), Josie earned about $5.  Most of her profits came in the form of tips!   Josie decided to re-invest her money back into her "ice cream truck" fund. 

Here are some photos from "Josephine's Lovely Lemonade Stand."

First, she juiced. And the sweet little thing did all of the lemons all by herself. (Tip: Soaking the lemons in hot water first makes the juicing part really easy & makes the most juice.)

Bea had her own important filling & spilling work while Josie was busy. (Note: Get used to seeing Bea in nothing but a diaper. 'Tis summer my friends!)

Next, we painted. This is the big Amazon box we get every couple of months that holds all of our diapers, wipes, toilet paper & paper towels. It moonlights as a tunnel when it's not being a Lemonade Stand. It was Josie's idea to use this as the stand weeks ago, and her little vision finally became a reality.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  Josie was hysterical yelling "Le-mon-ADE!" to all the passers-by.  It worked. We even offered drive-thru service.

Oh, notice above a few of the little details. Josie asked me to write "Fresh-Squeezed Super Duper Uper" at the top to describe her lemonade. She also insisted on "setting the table" with a cup of flowers and a placemat to decorate.  The pitcher is a montessori-style one so she was able to pour the lemonade to customers herself. 


Bea got in on the action, when she wasn't busy stealing the cups to dip into the water table.  She spent most of the day in her swimming diaper. Funny thing is, while she's definitely not talking all the way now (mostly just animal noises and the common baby words), she was totally trying to yell "Le-mon-ADE" with Josie. It kept coming out in these adorable little unintelligible three-syllable bursts: "Di-bud-AME," "wi-la-BAY," "bi-da-LAPE".  Lou swears she got really close at least once.

The rest of Saturday was spent celebrating and sweating. We made it to only ONE of the THREE barbecues we had on the calendar. It was SO hot and the girls ran out of steam really early after being outside all day and all afternoon. They were both in bed by 7!  Ahhh...Summer!

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