Friday, June 1, 2012

Three Days of Summer's Start: Part Three


You would think with all of the fun we packed into Saturday and Sunday that we would be totally out of steam by Memorial Day Monday.  We decided to push everyone's limits a little and let the good times roll on.  Monday morning started with a bike ride through Camp Dennison on the bike trail. It was kind of one of those ideas that was better in theory than in practice. With a little later start than we planned, we hit the trail in the middle of Bea's naptime and had to wake her up in the car to plop her in the trailer. It was a zillion degrees so both girls were dying in their helmets.  All told, it was only an hour long trip, which was shorter than we had planned, but we still had a great time.

Getting ready to roll:

Bea points to the bike, because she wants to ride that instead of the trailer (silly goose):

A stop at the Schoolhouse General Store:

After a very "American" trip to Frisch's Big Boy for lunch (where the girls ate their weight in soup & salad bar fruit), we headed back home and back into the sprinklers. Lou found this totally 1950s sprinkler in our basement and we decided to kick it old school.  Fearless Bea went face-first and Josie jumped through it dozens of times!

(The child eats, trust me, she's just all ribs here because she was holding her breath from the cold water)

Even Lou got in on the action. His grimace in some of these pictures is more from the insanely strong squirts of water! We all had a blast.

(Truth told, I had more than a few passes through it myself but the camera was safely secured on the dry porch by then. I gotta say, Lou and I really do make it a priority to act like kids as often as we possibly can.  It's a summer priority! And it's these silly, soggy, everyday giggly moments with the girls that have come to be the ones we cherish most of all!)

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