Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last day of preschool

Josie's last day of preschool was very eventful. We wanted to make the day special for her. We started with a favorite breakfast of Daddy's homemade waffles, that she promptly filled with blackberries.

 Once we had all sufficiently overindulged on waffles, we headed to the front yard for the annual last day of school photo shoot. These photos really capture just how much she has grown.

On the porch:

With "the peace tree:"
Sidebar: Oh no! I literally just realized as I was typing that once we move we won't have the peace tree as our metric for growth anymore. Ugh, there's the sinking feeling. Well, here's to establishing new traditions! (I should mention we still have no idea where we are moving and the whole process has been an important lesson in who we are and what we value. But I digress...)

Bea was SO excited to be romping around outside so early in the morning!

And both girls spent lots of timing just prancing through the yard celebrating the approach of summer vacation!

A little celebratory round of "Ring Around the Rosie" was in order.

Bea is still working on the right timing for "all fall down." And sweet Josie, who is so patient with her, helps her up every time - even if that means 10 "all fall downs" in a row.

One more random thought to share.  This was a bit of an out-take, but it really struck me as I was going back through the photos. This is pretty much my view from my seat at our kitchen table. Our New Year's Resolution this year was to eat our meals at the table together. Out of convenience, we had been eating at our island since we moved into this house. It seems ridiculous now. Josie, Louie and I all lined up and Bea in her high-chair. There really is something simple and powerful about sharing meals around the family table. And, mid-June I am ready to call this the first New Year's Eve resolution that has actually stuck!

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