Saturday, June 16, 2012


Part of our celebration of the end of the school year was a Sunday afternoon trip to the zoo. We love our zoo, and we love popping in and out of there with our passes and weaving through the crowds to hit our favorite spots.

We hit the carousel first. The interesting thing about this particular trip was that Josie, instead of wanting me to pick the animal to ride beside her, asked me to either stand several feet away from her or behind her so she could be by herself. I guess that whole "I'm a kindergartener now" has really sunken in. We are proud of her new independence, but it is definitely a bittersweet transition.

Oh, speaking of that independence, this same weekend we went to Lunken Playground and Josie asked Lou to let her swing by herself. She swings by herself all the time, so he was confused, but she explained. She had met a new friend at the park and she wanted to join her friend across the playground alone instead of having one of us even near her. We obliged, but kept a close eye as we talked about how insanely fast she has grown up before our eyes.
(Cue "David's Mandolin by Elizabeth Mitchell & Family.)
 A little peacock posturing:

A lucky snap that captured her stealing a smooch from a seal statue:

Zoo Snooze:

Three little birds that joined us for lunch:

And when I say "lunch" I mean a giant chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream cone complete with (peanut-free-yay!) sprinkles that Josie picked to celebrate her Pre-School Graduation:

The sweetest little baby Zebra, just a few weeks old. We will enjoy watching Miss Savannah grow:


Those sweet, sweet sisters:

The obligatory stop at the Children's Zoo playground:

Sweet Bea watching Josie on the balance beam, longing for the day...

Another exercise in independence:


Bea standing still just long enough for a quick photo:

The new Galapagos Turtle exhibit (which is great):

Time to feed the goats. Even Bea got in on the action this time:

Moments like these make me long for a farmhouse somewhere. Truly.

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