Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More "fourth" fun!

Aw heck yea! Just figured out how to easily get my Instagram pics on my computer. (

So, here are some more pics from my phone of all that Austin/Schneider goodness. Enjoy!

Some top Josie & Lyla moments:

Some Jack & Bea bathtime fun: 

 The great beadwork disaster of 2012:

The neighborhood parade:

(And there was a neighborhood pool party. And it was great. And there was a great video of Jack jumping in the water and Josie & Lyla going under together a million times but my camera broke. Boo hoo.)

Fireworks over Sawyer Point:

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FourAustins said...

Thank god you got an iphone cause I am certain I would not have survived this weekend without Instagram!!! XOXO!!!