Friday, October 5, 2012

Schneider Family Weekly Update

This week has been, um, eventful.


We celebrated with a Bengals & Reds themed surprise party for him after work on Monday then headed for Indian Food for Dinner.  His birthday wishes came true and he got his cool-guy shaving kit, a Subway gift card and some new cords.  He also got a super awesome Captain America birthday card from his three favorite girls that we knew was "the one" as soon as we saw it in the store.  And we made banana splits - which promptly led to lounging on the couch, as pictured below.


And, as I mentioned previously, we also got the fish tank this week. It was a long time coming, and finally we got it all set up. I still had most of the gear from my second grade classroom tank.  (Josie if you're reading this...skip this yea, 2 of our 4 fish already met their maker, but they have expertly been replaced with Molly #2 and Purple #2 with two little gals none the wiser. Whew!)

Here's some of the anticipation leading up the big tank day!

And what would a week be without a peak into the craziness that is life in the Four Schneider household.

Where we break out last year's Halloween costumes in the wee hours of the morning.

And babies roller skate around the kitchen in diapers.

And a certain five year old makes her own doll zipline.

And Daddy gives the baby a train tatt on her tummy.

And Josie insists on practicing yoga before school.

And Beba insists on calling Elmo.

And masterpieces emerge.

And messes get made.

And sweetness reigns supreme!

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