Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Very 'Nati New Year

Don't they look like sisters more in this picture than they ever have??
This year, quite by accident, we ended up having pretty much the most Cincinnati-style New Year's Eve that a family can have.

We started off with a trip to the Aquarium in the morning - in the event that it was too cold and snowy to make it to the Zoo that evening. Then we had Skyline for dinner, headed to the zoo after a family pep-talk and bundle-up game plan, and then finished off with Graeters for dessert before heading home for a movie - where we all fell asleep on the couch. Josie and I called it a night at about 9pm and then Lou followed at 11. So, no big midnight countdown, no Auld Lang Syne - just snuggling and sleeping after quite an exciting day!

Here are some phone pics.





Translation for this next one: this is a pic of both girls kissing a goat. I had my camera set to video for the whole goat thing and ended up with several 1 second videos of the goats and one very blurry photo. But the whole goat thing was hysterical so I have to get this one on the record books - especially this moment when we told the girls to tell the goats good-bye. Josie grabbed one end to kiss good-bye, and, well, Bea grabbed and kissed the other. (Altogether now.... "Ewwwwww!")
 We got several "Christmas Story" giggles about Bea. But I gotta say, we were all snug as bugs!

 New Year's Eve done right....

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