Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A recent (diaper-free) development

There's big news on the Schneider homefront. Miss Beatrice (who is not even two for anyone who is counting) has decided she is giving up diapers. Clearly, this was her New Year's Resolution, and clearly she is sticking with it.

Truth is, she's been experimenting with the potty for some time now. (An experiment transitioned into a plan thanks to quality time with a potty proficient older cousin.) The first time, several months ago, we definitely didn't do anything to encourage real potty-learning progress, because a baby in diapers has its perks!  But this time, the girl is for real.  Like, "I'm wearing panties and I just dare you to try to get a diaper on me" real.  Because she already spends a significant portion of each day naked, it's been a pretty smooth (albeit messy at times) transition.  Honestly, Bea is going to go down as one of those mythical creatures that "potty-trained" herself.  And in our traditional "follow the kid" fashion (even when it's inconvenient), we're going with it, too.

So last night when she kept us up from 1:30-5:30 AM because she had some potty issues that needed worked out (...on the potty...in the dark...with very sleepy parents), we went with it.  Not for failure in trying otherwise! She literally kicked me in the face at 4 AM as I was pleading with her to just.poop.in.your.diaper.puh-lease!

But, Alas! It was another potty success story about 5am and she was back asleep from 5:30 to nearly 9.

So yes, my friends, those are little baby buns sporting tiny little panties! And we can hardly believe it either.

Josie has been INSTRUMENTAL in Bea's potty practices! And she is SO proud of her little sister!

4:30 AM. Last night. Diaper Refusal.

Nearly 9 this morning. Exhausted. (But Potty-Successful!)

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Catherine said...

Go Bea!!! So, she won't even wear one at night?! Sheesh! Isla is 3.5 and is like, "yo, where's my night time diaper, I'm going to bed. Peace out". But, like you, I"m following my kid's lead. She can wear a pull up to bed until she's ten for all I care. LOL