Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Redux

Yes we had a very eventful family New Year's Eve, but we had a very uneventful grown-up celebration.  Lou and I have been smooching at midnight dating back to 1997, so missing a midnight together was kinda a big deal. Don't get me wrong, having midnight come and go sans fanfare while we were sleeping in a home we love with the little family we always wanted was pretty amazing in and of itself, but there was definitely something missing.

So, Lou had the idea to bring back New Year's Eve...just for us...one week later!

Mariah agreed to babysit and we were off!  Boy did we pack in the activities.

Dinner at Bakersfield with ahhh-maz-ing short rib tacos. (We tried several; trust us - those are the best!)

Then we saw Life of Pi, which was equally amazing and delicious (for obviously different reasons). Please do your soul a favor and see that movie. We are still digesting it and talking about it several days later.

Next we headed to the ultra-hip new Metropole Hotel & Museum for a big ole glass of wine (and a very dorky but passionate conversation about the pros and cons of eliminating the U.S. Postal Service).

Finally, we returned home to drink champagne and have our midnight!

Here are a couple of little snaps from my phone. 

The girls cuddled while we got gussied up

Drinks? YES!

All that was left of the amazing tacos!

See it. Period.

Happy (grainy) wine-drinking grown-ups

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