Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bea's 2nd Birthday Bash

To celebrate Bea's 2nd birthday, we invited some some feathered and furry friends to join the normal cast of our amazing friends and family.  We were really excited to host her party at our new house that, having recently hit the 6 months mark, is definitely feeling perfectly like "home" now.

Even with the drama of an impending snow storm (that never materialized) and the chaos of a calendar-hopping party date, the afternoon turned out perfectly!!

Birthdays have a way of bringing an appreciation of life to the surface, and to celebrate another year with Beatrice is an enormous blessing. I suppose it's good that we've distanced ourselves from the pain of our journey to Four Schneiders. What we went through definitely gave us a perspective that we'll never lose.

Birthdays are a super special time to celebrate, reflect, and be grateful!

They're also a time to surround yourself with family, old and new friends, and people you don't see nearly enough. In the case of Bea's 2nd birthday, it was also time to stand in awe of an amazing cake, eat our weight in hummus, let the kids "drink of out cans" (sparkling juice that had Josie feeling like royalty), and get up close and personal with some barnyard buddies.

Here's as much of the action as I could capture whilst trying to celebrate:


Sidenote: If anyone has other pics that include Bea, I'd love if you'd email them to me. Looking back, there are lots of things I missed on film because I was holding her and enjoying all the barnyard birthday action. 

Sidenote #2: I promise thank you notes are coming. I'm a little mortified that we've been so bad about that in the past. In the feverish pitch of Bea & Josie ripping through all the birthday goodies, quite a few cards got separated from gifts. I may be shooting you some "help a sister out" notes to match gifts to generous donors! Sorry about that. 

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Catherine said...

Happy birthday Bea! What great party and fabulous cake!