Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Short month, Long post

February may be the shortest month, but we sure packed a lot into it. I'm heading back there for a moment - in my valiant and ongoing blog catch-up efforts.

We kicked it off with my 36th birthday Extraordinare! We had snowy day fun! We spent a glorious long weekend enjoying our city and each other! We hosted book club! (EEEK, haven't done that post yet. Oopsy!)

And there were plenty of other moments not associated with anything in particular that are right here.

A text conversation worth sharing:

Snowy afternoons in the warm greenhouse:

Naughty little nuggets on the quest for "lip dip":

An impressive slate of montessori kindergarten work:

Lots of Schneider cuddling:

An inside joke between Lou & I, but I'll leave it at this. We watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. And I bought a Breville. And Lou may or may not have won a bet about corporate sponsorship of the film:

Our snowy lane:

The omnipresent nudey booty:

And equally omnipresent giggle & grin:

A trip to the Museum Center, where our old condo downtown is immortalized on the train display. This is looking down 4th Street & our building is in the middle on the left:

The girls' first Omnimax movie - The Last Reef. It was hysterical. Josie was yelling details like, "Oh, that's a nudibranch!" And Bea was like "whoa! weeee! hi fishy!" then fell asleep.

A silly, silly couple of girls pretending to drive to go shopping:

A fun shadowy walk one evening:

 Epic homemade cinnamon rolls for Sunday brunch with friends:

 Celebrating Chinese new year (with sushi, ha):

 Our Miami merger Valentine's day card:

Josie's new favorite nori snack:

More cuddling:

 Our first experience with bad growing pains (and Tia's heat wrap saved the day!):

Our favorite school valentine:

And three bouquets from our favorite Valentine:
 Volunteering at Josie's wool felting class at school:

The insanity that is my conversion from PC to Mac:

More cuddling. It's how we do:

A rainbow carrot discovery:

Who knew?!?

My favorite view:

Our goofy gal in an Amazon box:
 One morning at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center:

My sweet girl waiting for me to finish my work one afternoon in my office:

Josie feeling the freezing rain one night before bed (my little scientist insisted on a proper observation):

Josie took a photo of me in her Hugglepod:

Bea's contribution to my camera roll (see her tiny toes):

Bea in the bathroom (aka the best light in our house!):

Looking up to super blue skies but bare trees. I can't wait for SPRING:

A dinner date with the Mr:

Gearing up for seed starting:

Our mama deer resting in the yard:

A sunny surprise from Grandma & DD's trip to AZ:

A sunny surprise from a little ballerina who showed up in my office on afternoon:

Our sweet, sweet girls:

 Sneaking up on the counter for...broccoli (okay, we'll let this one slide):

The other climber in the family:

Juicy Juice (every day for a month now!):

Baby in the Laundry Basket:

Oh man, this almost deserves it's own post! Bea snuck out. I had to chase her through the frozen mushy  yard with bare feet and Bea in socks. She got all the way to the backyard. The best part is that as soon as I got her inside I was trying to figure out how she unlocked the door! She totally ratted out her older sister, saying "Josie helped." Hilarious.

A retired pair of favorite purple boots:

 Continued piano practice:

The Valentine assembly line:


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