Thursday, March 14, 2013

Time for Swim Lessons

In anticipation of joining a swimclub in our neighborhood this summer, we signed the girls up for swim lessons this spring at UC's Aquatic Center. (Oh my goodness I can't tell you how excited joining the pool makes my little Pinecrest-nostalgic heart but more on that another day!)

It's Josie's first time in a no-parent class and Bea's time taking lessons. Although the water is pretty brrrr-inspiring, we are really proud of both girls.  By the end of the first class Josie was dunking herself underwater to grab beanbags from chest-deep water. Bea wasn't as enthusiastic about putting her face anywhere near the water, but she was pleased as punch about jumping in and climbing back out a zillion times.

As an added bonus, one of our favorite families showed up in our girls' classes. The same favorite family is showing up in our school next year.  And that's just WAY too exciting to put into words. 

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FourAustins said...

Wow that pool looks awesome...I want to play there :)