Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mama Mornings

There are quick a few Mama Mornings that haven't yet found their way on the blog. These are the Wednesday mornings  that I spend with Beatrice - just the two of us - since I work on Pacific Time on Wednesdays (aka "West Coast Wednesdays). On most Wednesdays, she asks to go to the Zoo. I almost always oblige because the zoo in the morning is such a lovely, peaceful place to be. Other times we hit the park, Museum Center, Aquarium, or just hang out together around our home. I treasure this weekly routine with Beatrice, and I am so grateful that I've found a way to work full-time and still have special time like this with her like I did when I was only work part-time when Josephine has a toddler.

Here are some Mama Morning Highlights:

Quick Quote: "Mama, Please I kiss this goat?"

Quick Quote: "Whoa. That guy has two backs!"

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