Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dreams Come True Parade

It's time to get our Disney on!  As I continue to sort through loads of photos (or, um "memories" as Disney standards dictate), I thought I'd share a little touch of Disney magic and the reason it was so super duper fun for us even though we aren't (or, um weren't) a Disney family.

Wait for it....it's right there in little Beatrice's eyes near the end of this video from the "Dreams Come True" Parade.


Nick and Kelly Robbe said...

This makes me teary! Bea's face is so precious! I'm so glad you're now a Disney family! I've always loved it, but going there with children made my heart swell in so many ways and so many times that I'm a true believer in Disney magic! They just do it right! :)

Kristin Johnson said...

So sweet! You never know if your a "Disney Family" until you give it a try (and it is hard to resist the mouse.) Looks like it was indeed a magical time!