Thursday, July 24, 2014

These Days, July

Oh July, where did you go?

To memories!

And celebrating 13 years as Two Schneiders!

Josie reading the vows we wrote out of our wedding program. Total "wow" moment.

To "watermelon babies" that became such a kitchen staple we felt bad when we finally ate it!

To freckly noses!

And gappy smiles!

And sundresses!

To play-doh. Always with the play-doh.

To a morning spent exploring an empty museum!

To baking a cake to dry "out of ice cream" tears!

To quite a shiner!

To dressing up like a fairy for optimal swinging!

To new recipes! (And 18 months and counting as vegetarians!)

 To the best seat in the house!

To beautiful girls!

And gnarly coyotes!

To quiet moments!

And rowdy ones!

And sunny ones!

To a mama morning getting creative!

To never a dull moment!

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